Izuku Midoriya

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We couldn't get enough of All Might's successor of One For All! The newest Izuku Midoriya Funko Pop features Midoriya with his energy visible to the naked eye. A true successor to All Might, witness the young hero's growth as he journeys to become the number 1 hero in My Hero Academia (MHA)! 

This Izuku Midoriya vinyl Funko Pop will give your collection the true meaning of being a Hero! Shipped in mint condition and in a 0.5mm premium Funko Pop! protector for maximum protection, you can rest assured that the Funko is going to get to you in collectors-grade condition! At Pop Collectibles, we won't ship anything that we wouldn't buy ourselves. Also, our close-to-nothing shipping options, the true meaning of justice, and being a hero will be in your hands, where ever you are in Canada! 

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