Jiraiya with Popsicle (NYCC 2021 Shared Convention Exclusive)

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Jiraiya is hands down one of the Naruto series' favorite characters. Making his first appearance in the original Naruto series, Jiraiya has always been a father figure to Naruto. During the training phase between Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, one of the master-pupil activities that Naruto and Jiraiya would share is having a popsicle split between the two characters. 

After the popular Jiraiya on Toad Funko Pop!, Jiraiya reappears in the Funkoverse as an NYCC 2021 shared convention exclusive Funko Pop! This will hand down be one of the big grails that people will be collecting a few years down the path. If you want to get this Pop! before the craze, you're going to want to purchase this Naruto Funko from Pop Collectibles Canada ASAP. 

This Funko Pop! includes the shared convention sticker for the NYCC event. We ship this Jiraiya Funko Pop! in a FREE and premium Funko Pop! protector that was built to withstand the damage. Along with the FREE 0.5mm Funko Pop! protector, we also ship all packages in a lot of bubble wrap to reduce any possibility of damage during shipping. This convention exclusive is a fan favorite and Pop Collectibles Canada is already sure that we won't have too many of this Funko! If you're into the Naruto line, you're going to want this!