Jolteon (Diamond Collection)

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One of the original three Eevee evolutions, Jolteon makes its way to the Funkoverse (again) in this Diamond Collection, Funkon 2021 exclusive Funko Pop. This limited edition Funko features the shared convention exclusive sticker, as well as the diamond collection sticker. A must-have to complete your Pokemon diamond set, this Jolteon Funko will light up any collection. 

This Jolteon (Diamond Collection) exclusive Funko Pop is also shipped in mint condition and in a custom Pop Collectibles soft protector with a thickness of 0.5mm — the thickest soft protector you'll find in Canada. We use a bunch of packaging stuffing to ensure external forces from shipping are nonexistent and our team carefully inspects all Funkos to make sure they're collector grade! 

If you're looking to add Jolteon beside your Eevee, Vaporeon, and Flareon — you'll definitely want to add this to your Pokemon Funko collection. Shop at Pop Collectibles Canada today and join thousands of collectors at their trusted, Canadian retailer!