Kaido (Dragon Form) 12-Inch GameStop Exclusive

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This Kaido in Dragon Form Funko Pop, a towering 12-inch collectible, is a GameStop Exclusive set to begin shipping in June 2024. As a pre-order item, you can secure this monumental figure from Pop Collectibles Canada with the assurance that cancellations are always 100% FREE.

Immerse yourself in the power of the Beast Pirates with this impressive Funko Pop featuring Kaido, one of the most formidable antagonists from One Piece, in his awe-inspiring dragon form. The figure captures the might and majesty of Kaido, with intricate scales, fearsome horns, and a winding serpentine body that sprawls dynamically to showcase his full draconic might. This is probably one of the best Kaido Funko Pops to have been released so far, and we're here for it. Find your Kaido (Dragon Form) Funko Pop at Pop Collectibles Canada today!

This Funko Pop will be shipped with the GameStop Exclusive Funko Pop sticker! While this exclusive DOES NOT include a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector due to its size, rest assured it will be packaged with exceptional care. Pop Collectibles Canada is committed to delivering top-quality collectibles with our meticulous packaging and reliable Canada-wide shipping, ensuring that this mighty figure arrives in excellent condition. There's a reason why One Piece collectors for all over North America trust us with their Funkos.

Time to add to your One Piece Funko Pop collection by bringing in this highly sought-after Kaido (Dragon Form) GameStop Exclusive Funko Pop! 

Funko Pop Name: Kaido (Dragon Form) 12-Inch GameStop Exclusive #1623