Kakashi (Perfect Susano'o) Hot Topic exclusive w/ 6-inch protector

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Holy moly. Another Kakashi Funko Pop but this time, it's the perfect Susano'o Kakashi — one of the strongest versions of Kakashi yet. This version of Kakashi was critical when fighting against Madara and has powers that rival Naruto and Sasuke after they've received their powers from the sage of six paths. 

This Funko Pop! is a Hot Topic exclusive Naruto Funko feature Kakashi (Perfect Susano'o). This purchase also includes a FREE premium 6-inch Funko Pop! protector with 0.5mm thickness, ensuring no damage during shipping. The Funko Pop! itself is a 6-inch Funko, which means it's the same size as the Kurama Funkos, Jiraiya on Toad, etc. We'll handle this exclusive Funko with extra care during packaging and Pop Collectibles Canada offers a variety of shipping options Canada-wide. 

If you're looking to get some Naruto Funkos, there's no better place to get them than from the place collectors in Canada trust — Pop Collectibles Canada.