Kakashi (with Lightning Blade) Gamestop Exclusive Sealed Ramen Box

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Kakashi of the Sharingan returns in an attack position Lightning blade pose. One of the most iconic jutsus of the Jonin, Kakashi has used this attack on a number of high-tier foes like Zabuza, Orochimaru, and Kaguya. Known to be the genius that mastered a thousand jutsu, Kakashi is a fan-favorite amongst Naruto fans.

This Funko Pop! is a GameStop exclusive Funko Pop! Unlike other Funkos, the Kakashi comes with a variety of other accessories in a Naruto Ramen box. The box itself is sealed but the contents of what you would find in the box can be found in the images. This is extremely hard to find and is a grail to many collectors. If you're looking to add Kakashi to your collection, you'll want to jump on this deal ASAP.