Kiba with Akamaru

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One of the original Konoha 11, Kiba with Akamaru has been a strong character in the early days of Naruto. This new Kiba common Funko Pop features the Chunin in his Naruto: Shippuden attire and Akamaru by his side. If you want to add a fan-favorite character to your Naruto collection, get this Kiba with Akamaru Funko Pop at Pop Collectibles Canada today!

This Funko will be shipped in a premium 0.5mm Funko Pop protector. Our premium packaging will leave you in awe and you'll surely be revisiting our store once that first order arrives. Regardless of which Naruto Funko Pop you're looking for, know that Pop Collectibles Canada got your back! Everything is also shipped in mint condition and everything is inspected before we ship it out.

Complete your Naruto Shippuden Funko Pop collection by adding this Kiba with Akamaru Funko Pop to your collection today!