Kid Kakashi with Chidori (AAA Anime Exclusive) Glow Chase Bundle

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Ships November 2022 but subject to change based on AAA Anime and Funko! Although, Pop Collectibles Canada is fairly certain that this arrives in November! (We also have a 100% refund guaranteed).

Right after obtaining the signature Sharingan from Obito, Kakashi was able to fully utilize the Chidori to its full extent. The Kid Kakashi that made a name for himself during the third great Shinobi war is joining the Funkoverse in a new AAA Anime Exclusive chase and common. 

This purchase features Kid Kakashi in both his chase and common variant. In his chase variant, we see Kid Kakashi with the newly obtained Sharingan using his Chidori. The common variant is similar, except for the pose of how the Chidori is being used, and Kid Kakashi does not have the Sharginan in this version. Both Funkos will feature the AAA Anime Exclusive sticker and both are Glow-in-the-dark Funkos. 

Shipped in mint condition and with premium Funko Pop protectors, Naruto fans can rest easy knowing their Funko purchase with us is going to be amazing. We promise to ship out collector-grade condition Funkos and our team of collectors even manually inspect all our Funkos. Not a fan of the chase or want to save some money? Be sure to check out our listing of just the AAA Anime Kid Kakashi Common Variant on another section of our site

Complete your Naruto Shippuden Funko Pop collection by adding the latest and greatest Kakashi Funko Pop to your collection! Get your Kid Kakashi with Chidori (AAA Anime Exclusive) Glow Chase Bundle today!