Killua (God Speed) AAA Anime Exclusive (Common)

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The Rookie Hunter from the Zoldyck finally makes another appearance in the highly anticipated God Speed variant Funko Pop! Having refined his instincts to the absolute peak, Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter is able to enter Godspeed — where his body can respond to any threat without the need for thought. Basically, Killua enters Ultra Instinct mode.

This highly sought-after Hunter x Hunter Funko Pop ships with a premium 0.5mm protector that protects it from shipping damages and from UV light when displayed on the shelf! He's shipped with the AAA Anime Exclusive sticker and this purchase is the common variant (there's a chase bundle at Pop Collectibles Canada if you're interested in both the chase and common variant), and we ship all our Funkos in mint condition — this one is no exception! 

This purchase includes:

If you're a fan of the child assassin, you'll definitely want to add this AAA Anime exclusive Killua Zoldyck (in Godspeed mode) to your Hunter X Hunter Funko collection. We'll make sure he ships in the best packaging you'll ever see! 

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