Lord Boros

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Funko Pop Name: Lord Boros #259

Delve into the vast reaches of the universe and embrace the unparalleled might with the Lord Boros Funko Pop from the iconic series, One Punch Man. Lord Boros was probably one of the strongest villains we'll ever see in One Punch Man, and you're definitely going to want to add this fearsome foe to your collection. Flaunting a fierce expression, intricately designed armour, and showcasing his 'Dominator of the Universe' status, this figure is the epitome of Boros' spirit. Complete your One Punch Man Funko Pop collection today by adding this Vaulted (no longer being produced) Funko Pop to your collection. This Boros Funko Pop will look amazing standing beside his rival, Saitama (One Punch Man)

Every Funko Pop from Pop Collectibles Canada is shipped in a premium 0.5mm Funko Pop protector ensuring its pristine condition upon arrival. We pride ourselves in providing collector-grade quality, so each figure not only resonates with the authenticity of its on-screen counterpart but also meets the highest standard of preservation. With Lord Boros, you're not just adding a character, but a tangible piece of the epic battles that define One Punch Man. With our fast and affordable shipping all across North America, there's a reason why thousands of collectors choose to keep coming back and purchasing directly from Pop Collectibles Canada. 

Complete your One Punch Man Funko Pop collection by securing this majestic Lord Boros Funko Pop today!