Lu (Good Fortune) NYCC China 2021 Exclusive

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Introducing the Lu (Good Fortune) NYCC China 2021 Exclusive Funko Pop! This Asia exclusive Funko is an amazing vinyl and is a must-have for any Chinese mythology fans out there — especially during the Chinese New Year season. As part of the Three Immortals, Lu represents and symbolizes everything related to prosperity, good fortune, rank, and influence. His design and colors are inspired by traditional Chinese ceramics, and the Pop comes with the NYCC 2021 exclusive sticker. This limited edition Funko was only available in China for a limited time.

Together with the other two Immortals belonging to the Sanxing (三星), Shou and Fu, this Funko set is the perfect addition to any collection.

He ships in mint condition and is available with a variety of shipping methods all over Canada. Order now and get him shipped in a FREE Funko protector!