Lucario (Pearlescent) Pokemon Center Exclusive

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This Lucario (Pearlescent) Pokemon Center Exclusive Funko Pop is now in-stock!

This is the first Pokemon Center Exclusive Funko Pop to be released in 2024 and its beloved by Pokemon fans everywhere. Discover the elegant power of Pokémon with the Lucario (Pearlescent) Funko Pop, a Pokémon Center Exclusive. What sets this Funko Pop apart is the pearlescent finish, adding a lustrous sheen that enhances Lucario's already striking appearance. This Pokemon Center Exclusive Lucario is a must-have for fans of Pokemon.

This Lucario Funko Pop will be shipped with the sought-after Pokemon Center Exclusive Funko Pop sticker. Available at Pop Collectibles Canada, the Lucario (Pearlescent) Funko Pop is a testament to our commitment to offering unique and high-quality collectibles. Each figure is meticulously cared for and shipped with a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, ensuring it arrives in perfect, collector-grade condition. Our dedication to excellence is evident in our attention to detail, from packaging to Canada-wide shipping, ensuring that this exclusive piece reaches you ready to enhance your Pokémon display. There's a reason why thousands of collectors choose to get their anime Funko Pops directly from Pop Collectibles Canada — the best place to get Funko Pops in Canada.

Complete your Pokemon Funko Pop collection by adding this rare  Lucario (Pearlescent) Pokemon Center Exclusive to your collection today. This Funko will look great with the other Pearlescent Pokemons!