Luck Voltia (AAA Anime Exclusive) Chase Bundle

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Another day, Another AAA Anime exclusive. Luck Voltia is known by many as a genius lightning mage with limitless potential but his near sociopathic personality limits him from going further up the chain of command in the Clover Kingdom. Being part of the not-so-well-respected Black Bulls, Luck doesn't care for fame or money — all he wants to do is fight powerful opponents, a theme that is prevalent during the entire Black Clover series. 

This AAA Anime Chase Bundle for Luck Voltia includes:

Both the chase and common variant of Luck will be shipped in great condition (we manually inspect everything before they go out) and will be shipped in the best soft protectors on the market. Pop Collectibles Canada really cares about your package, so you can be sure that we package everything with a lot of bubble wrap and stuffing — it'll probably be the best Funko packaging you'll ever receive.

If you're a fan of Black Clover and want to get the limited edition chase version of Luck, there's no better opportunity than right now. Complete your Black Clover Funko Pop collection with Pop Collectibles Canada today!