Luffy Gear Two (Fundom Exclusive) - Common

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This Funko purchase will only include the common variant of Luffy Gear Two! If you're looking for the chase bundle, be sure to check out our other listing!

One of the top arcs in One Piece is the Water Seven arc, where Luffy has his showdown with Rob Lucci. During the showdown, Luffy shows us his Gear Two form for the first time — and this brought so much hype to the One Piece Fandom. Funko fans rejoice, Luffy in his Gear Two is finally getting a Funko Pop and it's absolutely lovely. Featuring Luffy in his classic Gear Two pose, the Funko also features the intense steam coming from behind him. The new Funko from Fundom comes in both a common and chase variant, though this purchase ONLY includes in the common variant.

This Funko Pop is protected and shipped by a Vaulted Vinyl 0.5mm Funko Pop protector and will be shipped in collector-grade condition. with our fast and affordable shipping Canada-wide, we have fans from all across the country that exclusive purchase their anime Funko Pops from Pop Collectibles Canada. We're a team of collectors dedicated to bringing the hobby to Canadians and your have our word that every package is treated with care. Don't believe us? Try us out and find out why thousands of collectors choose to buy their Funkos from us directly! All our Funkos are authentic and come from Funko and their partners!

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