Monkey D. Luffy (Uppercut) BoxLunch Exclusive

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This Luffy using his Uppercut from One Piece Funko Pop, a striking BoxLunch Exclusive, is set for a late May 2024 release. Currently available for pre-order, Pop Collectibles Canada makes it easy for you to secure this iconic piece with our hassle-free, 100% FREE cancellation policy on pre-orders.

It's time for Luffy to return to the One Piece Funkoverse for another time! Dive into the heart of the raid on Onigashima with this Luffy Funko Pop. Featuring Luffy in his battle-ready attire, this collectible captures the intensity and determination of the Straw Hat Pirates' captain as he unleashes his powerful Uppercut. It's a moment that highlights Luffy's strength and resolve, immortalizing his pivotal role in the battle for freedom and justice in the One Piece saga. This BoxLunch Exclusive is definitely one of the best Luffy Funko Pops that have been made so far! 

This Funko Pop features the BoxLunch Exclusive Funko Pop sticker. Pop Collectibles Canada is your go-to source for exclusive Funko Pops, renowned for our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. This Funko Pop will be shipped in collector-grade condition and with a FREE 0.5mm Funko Pop protector! Our reliable Canada-wide shipping promises the safe and timely delivery of your collectibles.

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