Luffy vs. Foxy (Hot Topic Exclusive) Chase

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Funko Pop Name: Luffy vs. Foxy (Hot Topic Exclusive) Chase

Experience the intense showdown with the Luffy vs. Foxy (Battle Damaged) Funko Pop two-pack, a Hot Topic Exclusive! This chase variant of the original Luffy vs. Foxy Funko Pop captures the aftermath of their fierce battle, with both characters sporting detailed battle damage. Luffy, the fearless captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, and Foxy, the cunning Silver Fox, are depicted in dynamic poses that bring the heat of their confrontation to life.

Please note that this is JUST the chase variant of the Funko Pop. Be sure to check out our other listings if you're only interested in the common.

This Funko Pop will come with BOTH the Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop sticker, as well as the Chase Funko Pop sticker. This exclusive two-pack is a must-have for One Piece fans and collectors who appreciate the intricate details and storytelling captured in Funko Pop form. With Luffy and Foxy locked in combat, this set showcases the epic clash that has become a fan-favorite moment in the series.

At Pop Collectibles Canada, we ensure your collectibles arrive in pristine condition. Every Luffy vs. Foxy (Battle Damaged) Funko Pop is shipped with a custom 0.5mm Funko Pop protector made specifically for two-pack Funko Pops, guaranteeing it reaches you in mint, collector-grade quality. Our dedication to quality and secure Canada-wide shipping ensures your item is delivered safely and securely. Join the community of happy collectors who rely on Pop Collectibles Canada for their exclusive Funko Pop needs.

Complete your One Piece Funko Pop collection by adding the Luffy vs. Foxy (Battle Damaged) Hot Topic Exclusive two-pack to your collection today!