Mavis Vermillion

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Funko Pop Name: Mavis Vermillion #1049

The first Guild Master and one of the original co-founders of the infamous Fairy Tail guild is now in Funkoverse! Though Mavis is a woman who’s been alive for over one hundred years, her body was kept in a magical lacrima crystal for most of the series — preserving her youth. Upon being released into the world of the living, only people who bear the Fairy Tail crest are actually able to see Mavis Vermillion. If you're a fan of Fairy Tail, you won't want to miss out on this Funko Pop! 

Mavis comes with a premium Funko Pop protector — designed to protect the Funko during shipping and while it sits in your collection. If you're looking to complete your Fairy Tail collection or if you're just a fan of the most caring and playful character in the series, add this Mavis Vermillion Funko Pop vinyl figure to your collection today!