Megumi Fushiguro with Toads (Barnes and Noble Exclusive)

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This Megumi Fushiguro with Toads (Barnes and Noble Exclusive) Funko Pop is in-stock and ready to ship to all of Pop Collectibles Canada's lovely customers!

Unleash the power of Megumi Fushiguro's Shikigami with this incredible Barnes and Noble Exclusive Funko Pop vinyl figure! This collectible captures the essence of Fushiguro's serious demeanor along with his summoned toads, ready for a battle against Cursed Spirits. With exquisite attention to detail, from the intricate markings on his uniform to the vivid colors of his toads, this Funko Pop is an extraordinary addition to any Jujutsu Kaisen fan’s collection. 

This Funko Pop will be shipped with the Barnes and Noble Exclusive Funko Pop sticker, a perfect addition for all our sticker collectors out there!

At Pop Collectibles Canada, each of our Funko Pops undergoes manual inspection by our team of collectors to ensure that you only receive the best. As a trusted source of Funko Pops in Canada, we also include a FREE 0.5mm Funko Pop protector with every purchase to keep your collectible in mint condition. We're so confident in our packing that we even offer a mint condition guarantee with all of our Funko Pop figures. Our Canada-wide shipping promises that no matter where you are, you'll be able to add this magical Fushiguro Funko Pop to your collection. Honestly, there's a reason why thousands of collectors rely on us for our commitment to quality, and we invite you to be one of them.

Complete your Jujutsu Kaisen Funko Pop set by adding the unique Megumi Fushiguro with Toads figure today!