Meliodas with Demon Mark (PX Exclusive) - Chase Bundle

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Embrace the intensity of the Seven Deadly Sins leader with the Meliodas with Demon Marks Funko Pop. This Funko Pop vinyl figure showcases Meliodas in his most formidable state, where his demon heritage comes to the forefront. The dark, swirling marks on his skin, combined with his determined expression, make this a standout addition to any Funko Pop collection.

This Funko Pop chase bundle will include both the glow-in-the-dark chase and the common variant of Meliodas with Demon Mark (PX Exclusive). The Funkos will also both feature the PX Exclusive sticker (NOT the special edition sticker). IF you're just interested in the common variant of the Funko Pop, be sure to check out our other listing!

When you shop with Pop Collectibles Canada, you're choosing quality and care. Each Meliodas Funko Pop benefits from our complimentary 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, safeguarding its impeccable condition. No matter where you reside in Canada, our trusted shipping ensures your collectible reaches you safely and swiftly. We pride ourselves on our thorough manual inspection process, as our team of dedicated collectors only ships Funkos that meet our high standards. Pop Collectibles Canada has built a reputation for being one of the best places in Canada to purchase your Funko Pops from and our mission is to make the Funko Pop collecting hobby more accessible to Canadians everywhere!

Enrich your Seven Deadly Sins Funko Pop collection by adding the iconic Meliodas with Demon Marks to your display today!