Meruem vs. Komugi (Anime Moment)

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One of the saddest and iconic moment in Hunter x Hunter is set to be a vinyl Funko Pop! and you can be the first one to have it! 

Komugi's goal is to play Gungi as much as she can, to develop new Gungi strategies, to win the Gungi matches, to play Gungi with the King, and to be with Meruem forever. They ended their last match of Gungi by telling her the truth about him being poisoned and that he is dying. He reveals that his final wish is to spend the remaining of his time playing with her. 

They both die peacefully together, and as a way to remember this classic scene, Pop Collectibles Canada brings out this Meruem VS. Komugi anime scene Funko Pop! Shipped with a FREE 0.5mm premium Funko Pop! protector and in guaranteed mint condition display box to ensure no damages will take place during shipping and while sitting in your collection. Our affordable shipping options to reach every Hunter x Hunter Fan, Canada-wide! 

This is one of the newest Funko Pop! figure from the hit anime, Hunter x Hunter and you don't want to miss this opportunity!