Meryl Stryfe

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It's time for another Trigun favourite, and this time, we're joined by Meryl Stryfe as she's flying into the Funkoverse with her unique white outfit. As a prominent character from the beloved anime series Trigun, Meryl has captivated fans with her sharp wit, resourcefulness, and unwavering commitment to justice. Meryl joins some other notable characters like Milly Thompson, Knives Millions, and Vash the Stampede.

Whether you're a dedicated collector or a passionate fan of Trigun, this Funko Pop is a must-have addition to your collection. Display it proudly on your shelves, desk, or any special spot, and let it serve as a reminder of Meryl's indomitable spirit and memorable moments throughout the series.

At Pop Collectibles Canada, we take great pride in providing exceptional service to collectors like you. Each Funko Pop is meticulously packaged to ensure it arrives in impeccable condition, ready to be displayed and cherished. With our reliable shipping options, you can expect your Meryl Stryfe Funko Pop to be delivered promptly and securely. Additionally, we include a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector with every Funko Pop, offering an extra layer of protection during transit.

Complete your Trigun Funko Pop collection with this remarkable Meryl Stryfe Funko Pop. Don't miss the chance to add this fierce and charismatic character to your display.