Might Guy (Eight Inner Gates) NYCC Shared Convention Diamond Exclusive (4000 Pieces)

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Step into the heart of ninja valor with the Eight Gates Might Guy Funko Pop, a Funko Shop Exclusive as well as a NYCC 2023 Shared Convention Exclusive that's strictly limited to just 4,000 pieces globally. This unique collectible captures Might Guy in his powerful Eight Gates form, embodying his unparalleled strength and sheer determination. The included backpack accessory, referencing his dedication as a master and teacher, adds an extra layer of detail to this already impressive figure. The backpack even glows in the dark, which adds to the uniqueness of this Funko Pop purchase.

Celebrating one of the most unforgettable moments in the Naruto series, this Funko Pop is a must-have for both seasoned collectors and newcomers. This is surely going to be a highlight to any Naruto Funko Pop collection.

This purchase will include both the limited-edition Funko Pop, as well as the accompanying backpack featuring the Taijutsu master.

Encased in a specially crafted 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, this exclusive Eight Gates Might Guy ensures it reaches you in mint condition. With Pop Collectibles Canada's fast and affordable shipping record, you're guaranteed a pristine piece for your collection. Given its limited quantity, this is a gem not to be missed. The Funko Pop itself will feature the limited-edition NYCC 2023 Shared Convention sticker, and the sticker will also note that this is limited to 4000 pieces worldwide.

Elevate your Naruto Funko Pop collection by securing the legendary Eight Gates Might Guy with Backpack today. Act fast, for once it's gone, it may never return!