Might Guy in Wheelchair (FYE Exclusive)

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The mighty sensei, Might Guy, is coming back to the Naruto Funkoverse after using his Eight Gates against Madara Uchiha. This Might Guy Funko Pop features a retired Guy, who is now in a wheelchair. Despite this, his personality is unchanged and its definitely going to bring that sense of fun and joy to your Naruto Funko Pop collection. If you already have a Might Guy collection, you might as well add this amazing FYE Exclusive into there too!

This FYE Exclusive Funko Pop will include the FYE Exclusive sticker, as well as being shipped in a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector provided by Vaulted Vinyl. Our team of collectors will be personally packing this Funko Pop and will be using a good amount of stuffing and bubble wrap, to ensure that the Funko Pop vinyl figure does not get damaged during the shipping process. We take pride in providing collectors with mint condition Funko Pops for their collection, and that's also why thousands of collectors choose to purchase their Naruto Funko Pop figures directly from Pop Collectibles Canada.

Complete your Naruto and Boruto Funko Pop collection by adding this Might Guy in Wheelchair (FYE Exclusive) Funko Pop to your collection today!