Mikasa Ackerman (#21) with PopShield Armor

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This is the original Mikasa (#21) that entered the Attack on Titan Funkoverse back during the first wave. Dive into the heart of the Scout Regiment with the original Mikasa Ackerman Funko Pop!, proudly presented by Pop Collectibles Canada, a trusted Canadian dealer for Funko Pop products. With her iconic red scarf, combat attire, and piercing gaze, the Funko Pop! of Mikasa is the embodiment of her strength and dedication to protect humanity from the terror of the Titans. Every detail, from her 3D Maneuver Gear to her short, dark hair, has been thoughtfully reproduced, creating a must-have collectible that resonates with the spirit of the series. If you're a fan of the Attack on Titan series, there's no reason you shouldn't pick this grail up.

Pop Collectibles Canada understands the importance of collector-grade collectibles. That's why we ship the original Mikasa Ackerman Funko Pop! with our premium PopShield Armor (the best in the business of hard cases) at no additional cost. Our packaging is designed to ensure that Mikasa arrives in perfect condition, safeguarded by bubble wrap and strong boxes that honor our commitment to collector-grade quality. Our promise at Pop Collectibles Canada is that all Funko Pops are manually inspected for defects before we ship them out, and we would never ship you anything that we wouldn't purchase ourselves.

Whether she's standing alone or alongside Eren and Armin, this Mikasa Ackerman (#21) Funko Pop! is a powerful addition to any Attack on Titan fan's Funko Pop collection