Minato Namikaze AAA Anime Exclusive (Glow Chase Bundle)

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AAA Anime Exclusive does it again with another Anime Funko Pop from Naruto. Introducing this magnificent Glow-In-The-Dark chase Minato Namikaze. The Fourth Hokage is known for his speed and even was given the nickname "The Yellow Flash". As his name implies, this Naruto Funko Pop will surely light up your room. 

This Minato Namikaze Funko Pop features the AAA Anime exclusive sticker, as well as the Glow Chase sticker. This chase bundle also comes with the non-chase version of the AAA Minato. Both Funkos are shipped in a premium soft protector to protect them during shipping and both are shipped in mint condition. We're expert collectors that have packaged thousands of packages for Canadians all across the country. 

This Bundle features:

- 1 Glow Chase Minato Namikaze AAA Anime Exclusive Funko Pop

- 1 Non-chase Minato Namikaze AAA Anime Exclusive Funko Pop

If you're looking to complete your Naruto collection, you'll want this grail in your collection for sure. Chase variants are hard to come by (usually 1 in 6 chance), but with this bundle, you won't need to bet on your luck! Shop at Pop Collectibles Canada today!