Mr. Mime

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Pokemon Funkoverse is growing! And we just added Mr. Mime to our collection! 

Mr. Mime are gifted with the art of miming at a young age, but as they mature, they gain the ability to make invisible objects by emitting energy from their fingers and minutely vibrating their fingertips to harden the air around them and form a wall. Barriers generated this way can repel harsh attacks, and its gestures and motions can convince watchers that something unseeable actually exists.

You'll enjoy the unpackaged experience as much as the actual Funko Pop — there's no better feeling for a collector than seeing their products handled with care.

This Mr. Mime Funko Pop gets to you in pristine condition, so we offer every pop a FREE premium protector, a lot of bubble wrap, and the best stuffing. With affordable shipping options, there's no reason you shouldn't buy from Pop Collectibles Canada.