Naruto — Jiraiya on Toad (6 inch) Hot Topic exclusive sticker

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Known by many are the perverted hermit, the legendary Sannin of the leaf, and the toad sage — Jiraiya is one of the most powerful characters to have appeared in Naruto, especially during the earlier episodes. He acts as Naruto's father figure, as well as a mentor as Naruto, and even teaches him the famous Rasengan. 

Jiraiya's entrances are always grand and this Funko Pop! isn't an exception. This 6-inch Hot Topic exclusive Funko Pop! is a must-have Naruto Funko Pop! for any collector's collection. It comes with a FREE 6-inch Funko Pop! protector and ships Canada-wide. Shipping is FREE for orders over $150CA or $10CAD flat for anywhere in Canada.

Add the legendary Sannin to your Funko Pop! collection today!