Naruto Uzumaki (Kurama-Link Mode) AAA Anime Exclusive - Chase Bundle

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This Naruto Uzumaki (Kurama-Link Mode) AAA Anime Exclusive - Chase Bundle is a pre-order item for October 2023! Cancellations are always 100% free!

This is one of the most anticipated forms of Naruto to make their appearance in the Funkoverse, and fun fact, this is the first Naruto Uzumaki chase bundle from the Naruto Shippuden line of Funko Pop vinyl figures. Naruto joins the Naruto Shippuden Funkoverse with his Kurama-link mode shown during his fight with Madara in the war arc of the series. Looking for the perfect duo with this Funko Pop bundle? Be sure to add the Minato Namikaze (Nine Tail Chakra Mode) Funko Shop Exclusive Funko Pop to your collection as well!

This Funko Pop chase bundle will feature both the common and glow-in-the-dark chase variant of the Funko Pop. Both the common and the chase variant of the Funko Pop will feature Kyuubi Chakra Mode Naruto leaping into the air with his Rasengan! If you're only interested in the common variant of the Funko Pop, be sure to check out our other listing too!

This Funko Pop chase bundle will come in collector-grade condition and both Funko Pops will be in a UV-resistant, premium 0.5mm Funko Pop protector for added protection during the shipping process. The Funkos will come with the AAA Anime Exclusive sticker (NOT the special edition one). On top of that, you can expect your package to be filled-to-the-brim with bubble wrap and other packaging stuffing. If there's one thing that Pop Collectibles Canada is known for, its our packaging quality. All Funkos are manually-inspected before shipping out, so we'll catch any major imperfections before we even attempt to ship the Funkos over to you! 

There's a reason why thousands of collectors choose to purchase their Funkos directly from Pop Collectibles Canada.

Complete your Naruto Shippuden Funko Pop collection by adding this limited-edition Naruto Uzumaki (Kurama-Link Mode) AAA Anime Exclusive - Chase Bundle Funko Pop today!