Naruto (Kyuubi Cloak) LACC Exclusive

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* Please note that the LACC sticker is included but the Hot Topic sticker may not be included! 

In the run for the best anime Funko Pop to be released in 2022, Naruto in his Kyuubi Cloak (Nine-Tails Cloak) makes his debut in this deluxe, 6-inch Funko Pop. This Funko comes directly from Funko partners and will include the exclusive LACC sticker. Shipped in a premium 6-inch 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, this is a must-have Funko Pop for Naruto fans everywhere. 

With our affordable, efficient, and quick shipping methods, we'll get you the Funko Pop no matter where you are in Canada. Our team of collectors manually inspects all Naruto (Kyuubi Cloak) LACC Exclusive Funko Pops for damages before shipping them out — our promise is that we wouldn't ship anything that we wouldn't purchase ourselves. Shop with confidence by ordering from the best place in Canada to get Funko Pops — Pop Collectibles Canada. 

Complete your Naruto Funko Pop collection by adding this Naruto (Kyuubi Cloak) LACC Exclusive Funko Pop to your collection today!