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From the original Fairy Tail first wave of Funko Pops, Natsu is a must-have for any collectors of the series. Known to many as the protagonist of Fairy Tail and the Fire Dragon Slayer, this Funko Pop showcases Natsu holding his flames in his left hand and wearing his classic attire. Probably THE most important Fairy Tail Funko for your collection, you'll definitely want to get this before it gets vaulted (especially with the announcement of the third wave of Funkos).

Be an unbeatable collector of Fairy Tail with this Natsu vinyl Funko Pop! With some of our affordable shipping options, Natsu will surely fill that empty spot in your Fairy Tail Collection, anywhere you live! Pop Collectibles Canada ensures no damages will take place during shipping. We're so confident in our shipping and packaging that we'll even offer a mint condition guarantee on this Funko! To make this deal even better, we also offer a FREE 0.5mm Funko Pop protector with every purchase! 

We hold to our promise to deliver you a collector-grade conditioned Funko Pop! Complete and start your Fairy Tail Funko Pop collection at Pop Collectibles Canada today! 

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