Neji Hyuga (Entertainment Earth Exclusive) - Common

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This Neji Hyuga (Entertainment Earth Exclusive) - Common Funko Pop is a pre-order item for August 2023! Pre-order cancellations are always free and we do not charge for them at Pop Collectibles Canada — unlike some other retailers! Order with no risk at Pop Collectibles Canada!

Neji Hyuga has been one of the most awaited characters to reach the Naruto Funkoverse and Entertainment Earth + Funko has finally been able to deliver! This new Entertainment Earth common Funko features Jonin Neji using his gentle fist stance and wearing his Konoha headband to cover up his curse mark. As one of the most anticipated members of the Konoha 13 to make their appearance, we're sure that you're going to love this Funko Pop.

If you're looking for the chase variant that DOES NOT have the Konoha headband, be sure to check out the Neji Hyuga chase bundles that we offer!

This common Entertainment Earth Exclusive Funko Pop will feature the Entertainment Earth Exclusive sticker and be shipped in a premium 0.5mm Funko Pop specifically built for 4-inch Funko Pops. The Funko will be shipped in collector-grade condition (unless you've purchased the damaged box variant) and Pop Collectibles Canada can promise that every Funko Pop is manually-inspected by our team of experts before being shipped out.

You can shop with confidence at Pop Collectibles Canada knowing that we pay attention to those small details that other retailers might not and we have some of the best Funko Pop packaging in the business. Don't believe us? Purchase this highly sought-after Neji Funko Pop to find out!

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