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Funko Pop Name: Netero #1132

He is the former Chairman of the Hunter Association and back in his prime days, he was known to be the strongest Hunter in the entire world, and that's, Netero! 

According to Meruem, Netero had surpassed all human limits which was evident from the fact that he was able to give the Chimera Ant King a fight even in his old age. Netero's Nen ability is the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva; By utilizing his Nen, he is capable of making his attacks seems as if they had come from another dimension due to their incredible speed. 

It is said that, because of the extremely quiet flow of his aura, one cannot read his next move, so Pop Collectibles Canada surprises you with this Netero vinyl Funko Pop! Our affordable shipping options is as great as Netero's Nen! We can deliver Netero where ever you live in Canada! Shipped in guaranteed mint condition and with a FREE premium Funko Pop! protector to avoid dents and other damages during shipping. And yes, all Funko Pops! comes in a lot of bubble wrap to be well protected. 

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