No Heart with Book (NYCC 2023 Fall Shared Convention Exclusive)

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This No Heart with Book (NYCC 2023 Fall Shared Convention Exclusive) Funko Pop is a pre-order for mid/late November 2023! Pre-order cancellations are always FREE at Pop Collectibles Canada — one of the few small businesses in Canada that does offer this. Purchase your NYCC 2023 Fall Shared Convention Exclusive Funko Pops from Pop Collectibles Canada today!

Step into a world where enchantment and malevolence intertwine with the No Heart with Book Funko Pop! Adorned in his distinctive red robe and holding his infamous book, this figure captures the dark aura and mystique of one of the most formidable foes in the animated universe. If you grew up with the Care Bears, you're going to want to add this NYCC 2023 Shared Exclusive to your collection today.

This No Heart Funko Pop will come with the NYCC 2023 Shared Convention Exclusive sticker. By choosing Pop Collectibles Canada, you're ensuring a collectible that's not only a stunning representation of No Heart but also a piece handled and delivered with the utmost care. Our promise is that every Funko Pop will be manually-inspected before we ship them out — and you already know that we would never ship out anything we wouldn't purchase ourselves. Your new No Heart with Book Funko Pop comes encased in our FREE 0.5mm Pop protector, safeguarding its quality as it journeys from our hands to yours. With reliable Canada-wide shipping and a steadfast commitment to providing only top-quality items, you're receiving more than just a collectible; you're acquiring a tiny piece of animated enigma.

Complete your Care Bears Funko Pop collection by adding this limited-edition No Heart with Book (NYCC 2023 Fall Shared Convention Exclusive) Funko Pop to your collection today!