Obito Uchiha (Entertainment Earth Exclusive)

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Funko Pop Name: Obito Uchiha (Entertainment Earth Exclusive) #1400

This Obito Uchiha (Entertainment Earth Exclusive) Funko Pop arrives August 2023! Take advantage of our 100% refund policy for pre-order items

Obito Uchiha is finally making his appearance in the Funkoverse without his mask and without his alter egos, Tobi and Madara Uchiha. With his black receiver, his Rinnegan and his Mangekyou Sharingan, Obito is in a battle position and ready for your collection. 

This Obito Uchiha Funko Pop will be shipped in the limited-edition Entertainment Earth sticker and in collector-grade condition. The Funko will be shipped in our premium 0.5mm Funko Pop protector for added protector and with our wide-range of affordable shipping methods, we'll be able to get you the Funko Pop wherever you are. We have customers all across Canada in places like Newfoundland, British Columbia, Ontario, and everything in between. We've been told that we've got some of the best packaging in the business and we can promise you that every Funko is inspected prior to shipping — which is why we offer a mint condition guarantee with a lot of our Funkos.

Complete your Naruto Funko Pop collection by adding this amazing Obito Uchiha (Entertainment Earth Exclusive) Funko Pop to your collection today!