Olivier Mira Armstrong

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The badass commanding officer of the northern borders arrives on the Funkoverse — Olivier Mira Armstrong is here to take charge of every Funko collection! With her intimidating stances and sword ready to fight her opponents, this Fullmetal alchemist hero will lighten up any Funko collection! 

Olivier does not falter in the face of battle, hardly flinching when facing tough opponents like Sloth. That is why this Olivier Funko Pop! is a must-have for every fan of Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA). Shipped in a FREE 0.5mm Funko vinyl Pop! protector and with a lot of stuffing and bubble wrap, Olivier will be in the best possible condition, and will be protected during the entire shipping process! Our affordable shipping options will take every Funko Pop to its rightful owners — And that is you! 

Complete your Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Funko Pop collection with Pop Collectibles Canada! You'll be amazed at what we offer!