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Funko Pop Name: Omni-Man #1500

This Omni-Man Funko Pop will arrive sometime in May 2024 and will be shipped out immediately after!

The first wave of Invincible Funko Pops are finally here and the line-up is crazy. Elevate your Invincible Funko Pop collection with the Omni-Man Funko Pop. This meticulously crafted collectible captures Nolan Grayson, also known as Omni-Man, the Viltrumite superhero and father to Mark Grayson. The figure showcases Omni-Man in his iconic red and blue costume, complete with his distinctive mustache and a stern, authoritative expression that reflects his complex character and the dual nature of his role as a father and conqueror.

Omni-Man joins Atom Eve and Invincible in the first wave of Invincible Funko Pops!

At Pop Collectibles Canada, we're proud to offer this Omni-Man Funko Pop to fans of "Invincible." Each figure is carefully protected with a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, ensuring it arrives in mint, collector-grade condition. Our commitment to delivering exceptional collectibles is evident in our careful packaging and reliable Canada-wide shipping, ensuring that this embodiment of strength and complexity reaches you in perfect form.

It's time to complete your Invincible Funko Pop collection by adding this Omni-Man Funko Pop to your collection!