One-Arm Erwin

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Funko Pop Name: One-Arm Erwin #462

Brace yourself for a legendary addition to the Attack on Titan Funkoverse! Introducing One-Arm Erwin, a Funko Pop that captures the fearless spirit and resilience of Commander Erwin Smith after his fateful encounter during the defense of Wall Rose. This meticulously crafted Funko Pop showcases Erwin, with his signature salute, displaying unwavering dedication to humanity's fight for survival. This variant of Erwin is a significant nod to his character development in the anime and manga, making it an essential piece for Attack on Titan fans.

This One-Arm Erwin Funko Pop is shipped in pristine, mint condition, safeguarded in a robust 0.5mm Funko Pop protector. Every purchase comes with expedited Canada-wide shipping, ensuring your collectible reaches you swiftly and safely. Our commitment to quality ensures that every Funko Pop undergoes a thorough inspection before being shipped to you. With Pop Collectibles Canada's excellent shipping record, rest assured that your Erwin Funko Pop will arrive in perfect condition. This is why thousands of collectors choose to purchase directly from Pop Collectibles Canada.

Complete your Attack on Titan Funko Pop collection by adding the indomitable spirit of One-Arm Erwin to your lineup today!