One Piece Card Game OP-04 (English Version) Kingdoms of Intrigue - Sealed Booster Box (24 Packs)

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Embark on a strategic journey with the One Piece OP-04: Kingdoms of Intrigue Booster Box, now available in English exclusively at Pop Collectibles Canada. This factory-sealed treasure includes 24 booster packs, each brimming with potential for your deck-building adventures and offering a total of 12 English-version cards per pack. If you're looking for the Japanese variant of the One Piece trading card game, Pop Collectibles Canada still has you covered!

Succeeding OP-03: Pillars of Strength, the OP-04 series unfolds the Kingdoms of Intrigue arc, where cunning and strategy on the Grand Line could tip the scales in your favor. As a sought-after addition for any TCG enthusiast, this set teems with stunning artwork, formidable allies, and challenging foes, all from the rich One Piece universe.

Please note, all sales for this sealed box are final to maintain the integrity and collectible nature of the trading cards. Exceptions are made only if the item has not yet been shipped.

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If you're not ready to commit to a full box, you're welcome to explore our individual OP-04: Kingdoms of Intrigue booster pack listings.

Don't miss the chance to enhance your collection and gameplay experience with this exclusive One Piece OP-04: Kingdoms of Intrigue Booster Box. Add it to your cart today and let us ensure your purchase reaches you safely, ready to reveal the secrets of the Kingdoms of Intrigue!