One Piece — Shanks (Special edition sticker)

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Funko Pop Name: One Piece — Shanks (Special edition sticker) #939

One of the Four Emperors of the sea and practically a role model for Luffy, "Red Hair" Shanks is considered one of the strongest characters in all of One Piece. This Funko features the fearless pirate holding onto one of his swords with his right hand. 

If you watch the Anime or read the Manga, you already know how mysterious and loveable Shanks is as a character. This is a special edition Funko Pop! (Not the big apple exclusive) but will still be a favorite among your Funko Pop! collection. If you are looking for the chase variant of the Funko, please check out our Chase Bundle! This purchase does NOT have a chance for the chase.

Add "Red Hair" Shanks (one of the Yonko) to your collection today. He's going to be one of the most sought-after Funkos from the collection. If you're looking to add more to your One Piece collection, check out the rest of our items!