One Piece Card Game - Monkey D. Luffy Starter Deck ST-08

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It's time for the arrival of the Future Pirate King with this Monkey D. Luffy Starter Deck (ST-08).

This starter deck, released in Aug 2023, includes the following contents:

  • Constructed Deck (51 Cards)
  • 10 x DON!! Cards 
  • 1 x Playsheet

This is the perfect product for fans that want to get started in the One Piece trading card game and acts as a great foundation that can be added onto.

At Pop Collectibles Canada, we have built a reputation on fantastic shipping practices, so you can expect this starter deck to arrive on your doorsteps without any issues as all. We started with Funko Pops but due to popular demand from our customers, we're bringing the One Piece TCG to all fans in Canada.

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