One Piece Card Game OP-01 (Japanese Version) Romance Dawn - Sealed Booster Box (24 Packs)

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This is the set that started all the hype with the One Piece Trading Card Game in Japan. Introducing you to the first One Piece OP-01 Romance Dawn (Japanese version) sealed booster box. This Japanese edition of the card game is directly imported from the One Piece stores in Japan and are ready to be added to your collection with the help of Pop Collectibles Canada.

This box set will include an untampered with box of One Piece OP-01 Romanace Dawn (Japanese version), which contains a total of 24 packs, and 6 cards each pack. This is the perfect item for collectors of One Piece and will surely be a cherished gift for any One Piece fans. Try your luck today and pick up a pack of the newest and greatest One Piece trading card game (TCG).

This One Piece Card Game OP-01 (Japanese Version) - Sealed Box (24 Packs) will come with the following contents: 

- A sealed box of the Japanese edition of the One Piece Card Game (OP-01) Romance Dawn. This contains 24 unopened packs! 

If you just want 1 of the sealed packs, be sure to check out our listing for the Romance Dawn booster pack!

At Pop Collectibles Canada, we've built a reputation for having some of the best shipping practices in our area and you can be sure that we will be packaging your goods securely and safely. We've started with Funko Pops but because of the high demand from our customers, we're moving into the Trading Card Game market with the One Piece TCG (Trading Card Game). We take pride in what we do and wish to share the hobby with more Canadians everywhere!

Complete your One Piece Trading Card Game (TCG) collection today by adding this limited-edition One Piece Card Game OP-01 (Japanese Version) Romance Dawn - Sealed Box (24 Packs) to your collection today! 

The official card set list can be obtained from the official One Piece Card Game site.