One Piece Card Game - Yamato Starter Deck ST-09

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Funko Pop Name: One Piece Card Game - Yamato Starter Deck ST-09

This starter deck, released in Aug 2023, includes the following contents:

  • Constructed Deck (51 Cards)
  • 10 x DON!! Cards 
  • 1 x Playsheet

The rarities for the cards are as follows:

  • 1 x Leader Card
  • 2 x Super Rare
  • 12 x Common

If you're looking to get into the One Piece Trading Game, you're going to want this one. The Yamato starter deck is super fun to play with and has been highly-praised by a lot of players.

At Pop Collectibles Canada, our renowned shipping practices ensure that your starter deck will arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition, without any issues. Initially focused on Funko Pops, our expansion to include the One Piece TCG is a direct response to the enthusiastic requests from our customers, allowing us to bring this exciting game to One Piece fans all over Canada.

Complete your One Piece TCG Collection today by adding this One Piece TCG - Yamato Starter Deck ST-09 to your collection today!