Perfect Cell

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Funko Pop Name: Perfect Cell #13

One of the most iconic villians in Anime is about to join the Dragon Ball Z Funkoverse, Perfect Cell. Transcend to a new echelon of power with the ultimate android, Perfect Cell, from Dragon Ball Z! This Funko Pop captures the meticulous detail of Cell's exoskeleton, vibrant colours, and the piercing eyes that showcase his unyielding confidence and might. This Funko Pop is a must-have for fans of the original anime and manga, and will surely be a highlight of any Dragon Ball fans' collection! This Funko Pop would actually look great besides some other iconic Dragon Ball figures including Cell's second form or Super Saiyan 2 kid Gohan!

By choosing Pop Collectibles Canada, you're not just adding a figure to your collection but absorbing the very essence of a defining DBZ saga. Protected within our premium 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, Perfect Cell remains in collector-grade condition, ready to challenge any Saiyan who dares cross his path. Our Canada-wide shipping and strict inspection protocols ensure this iconic antagonist arrives in your hands as pristine as his perfect form.

Reignite the epic battles and emotional crescendos of the Cell Games arc in your collection. Complete or start your Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop collection by adding this Perfect Cell Funko Pop!