Pichu (Pearlescent) Pokemon Center Exclusive

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Introducing the Pearlescent Pichu Funko Pop, a dazzling Pokemon Center Exclusive that captures the charm and vibrancy of one of the most beloved electric-type Pokémon. This Pokemon Center Exclusive Funko Pop figure features Pichu with a unique pearlescent finish that gives it a shimmering, iridescent look, enhancing its playful and adorable appearance. The pearlescent coating mirrors Pichu's sparkly personality and electric prowess, making it stand out in any collection of Pokémon collection.

Being a Pokemon Center Exclusive, this Pichu Funko Pop will be shipped with the Pokemon Center Exclusive Funko Pop sticker. At Pop Collectibles Canada, we ensure that each exclusive Funko Pop, like this Pearlescent Pichu, is delivered in optimal condition. It arrives at your door encased in a custom 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, maintaining its mint, collector-grade quality. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our reliable Canada-wide shipping and meticulous packaging, ensuring that this radiant collectible is protected throughout its journey to you.

Add the Pearlescent Pichu Funko Pop to your Pokémon Funko Pop collection today and let its enchanting glow bring a sparkle to your assortment of Pokémon figures.

Funko Pop Name: Pichu (Pearlescent) Pokemon Center Exclusive #579