Pikachu (Waving)

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What a great day to be alive! Pikachu is waving and waiting for you to complete your collection! 

Ash's Pikachu is so much more powerful than other Pikachu because he has been given several power boosts during the early days of its partnership with Ash, and because he has gained much experience during their joint adventures. Pikachu are known for their love of ketchup. They also enjoy eating apples and berries. 

To further protect the Funko, Pikachu is also shipped in a custom-made Funko pop protector — so you can bet that there won't be any damage taking place during shipping. The protector comes with FREE 0.5mm premium Funko Pop! protector and in mint condition guarantee. We don't just help you collect your Funko Pops, we also make sure to have it in best condition possible. In addition, we have the most affordable shipping options especially for you wherever you are in Canada!