Renji (Bankai) GameStop Canada Exclusive with Hardstack Protector

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As one of the Big Three animes in the 2000s, Bleach has cemented itself as one of the all-time greats in Anime and Manga — and has inspired dozens of other series after it concluded. With all the hype around Bleach, there's no question that the Bleach Funko Pop line would be one of the most sought-after lines in the anime Funko Pop series. 

Renji with his Bankai has been one of the few Bleach Funko Pops to be released and has become increasingly hard-to-find in the wild. This Funko Pop features Renji Abarai with his Hihiō Zabimaru sword, ready to take on his opponents. Renji joins us in the Bleach Funkoverse and you're definitely going to want to secure him for your collection! This is a GameStop Exclusive Funko Pop that you're not going to want to miss!

This Renji (Bankai) Funko Pop will be shipped in a premium PopShield Armor protector and will be in mint condition. The Funko Pop will also feature the EB Games (GameStop Canada) Funko Pop sticker! At Pop Collectibles Canada, you can rest easy knowing that we're going to protect this Funko Pop during shipping, and can promise that no damage will be done to it during the shipping process. Our team of collectors will inspect each and every Funko Pop before shipping — so that we can guarantee that we're shipping something we would purchase ourselves. There's a reason why thousands of Funko collectors choose to purchase from us directly.

Complete your Bleach Funko Pop collection by adding this Renji (Bankai) GameStop Canada Exclusive with Hardstack Protector Funko Pop to your collection today!