Sailor Mercury with Hard Case Protector

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Funko Pop Name: Sailor Mercury #91

Dive into the world of intellect and strategy with the Sailor Mercury Funko Pop! This highly sought-after grail Funko Pop features Sailor Mercury, the guardian of water and wisdom. Dressed in her iconic blue and white sailor suit, with her blue hair and signature visor, Sailor Mercury stands ready to defend the Moon Kingdom with her brilliant mind and powerful water-based attacks. Her poised and confident stance makes this Funko Pop an essential addition to any Sailor Moon fan’s collection.

This Sailor Mercury is definitely one of the harder Sailor Moon Funko Pops to find and Pop Collectibles Canada has you covered — it's time to get this Grail Funko Pop today! At Pop Collectibles Canada, we are dedicated to ensuring your Funko Pop collectibles arrive in perfect condition. Your Sailor Mercury Funko Pop will be carefully packaged in a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, guaranteeing it reaches you in pristine, collector-grade quality.

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