Sasuke Chidori Blade (Chalice Collectibles Exclusive) — Common

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To start off the year 2022, we're getting a new Chalice Collectibles exclusive Sasuke from Boruto. This Sasuke features him with both his Makengyou Sharingan on his left eye and the Rinnegan on his right eye. He's shown holding his infamous sword coated with lightning chakra (Chidori Blade / Lightning sword). 

This Funko vinyl figure ships in a premium 0.5mm Funko Pop protector for added collection. The box will be shipped in mint condition and contains the Chalice Collectibles sticker (not the special edition sticker) and will be packed with extra bubble wrap! 

This Funko purchase does not include the chase variant. If you're looking for the Sasuke Chidori Blade chase bundle, you'll want to check our other product listing

This is perfect for any Boruto or Naruto fans out there to complete their collection! Join thousands of other collectors and shop at Pop Collectibles Canada — based out of Toronto, Canada.