Sasuke with Rinnegan (AAA Exclusive) PSA-Verified — "Sharingan [PURPLE]"

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A digital certificate for this Funko can be found on the PSA official website! 

Another Sasuke (Rinnegan) AAA Anime Exclusive Signature Series Funko Pop has arrived at Pop Collectibles Canada! This time, the Funko Pop (in purple writing) has the phrase "Sharingan" and the Hidden Leaf symbol written on the front of the Funko Pop box. Signed by the English voice actor of Sasuke, Yuri Lowenthal, this Funko is a must-have for fans of the Naruto franchise. This Funko is also encased in a premium, PSA-verified Hardcase. The Hardcase is designed to be tamper-proof, so removing the Pop requires leaving noticeable traces of the case being opened. With a digital certificate attached in the form of a QR code, you can rest assured that you're getting something super authentic for your collection!

At Pop Collectibles Canada, we're committed to getting you the best Funkos, no matter where you are in Canada. There's a reason why thousands of collectors have chosen to buy from us, and we can promise you that it will be some of the best packagings you'll ever see! 

A perfect gift for Naruto fans everywhere, complete your Naruto and Boruto Funko Pop collection by adding this one-of-a-kind, signed "Sharingan" Sasuke Uchiha Funko Pop to your collection!