Sesshomaru (Dog Demon) 6-inch GameStop Exclusive

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Sesshomaru has been a fan-favorite character from Inuyasha since his first appearance in the anime and manga. One of the most memorable forms Sesshomaru takes on when he unleashes his full power is the Dog Demon form — drastically increasing his strength and size. Sesshomaru as the Dog Demon is joining the Funkoverse in this GameStop exclusive 6-inch Funko Pop!

This Sesshomaru (Dog Demon) 6-inch GameStop Exclusive will be shipped in a signature, premium 0.5mm 6-inch Funko Pop protector. It will include the old GameStop sticker (NOT the special edition sticker) and comes in a 6-inch size — much bigger than the standard 4-inch size. Packed with care and carefully inspected, the team of collectors at Pop Collectibles Canada will help ensure that the Funko reaches you wherever you may live. We have thousands of customers from across Canada and the United States and there's a reason why they keep coming back! 

Complete your Inuyasha Funko Pop collection by adding this limited-edition Sesshomaru (Dog Demon) 6-inch GameStop Exclusive Funko Pop to your collection today!